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Natural Farm Union Protocol (NFUP) is an integrated agricultural platform based on blockchain technology for managing and connecting the overall 6th industry, rather than establishing a simple traceability system with blockchain technology applied to record management for agriculture products (including all products of primary industry; agriculture products, livestock products and marine products).The integrated agricultural platform of NFUP is connected on the base of trust of various industries such as record management system for production and distribution of gricultural products, e-commerce that forms smart consumption habits and transparently managed investment platform. The biggest strength of the agriculturalplatform is that the introduction of the new technology, namely the blockchain technology, improves the structure of existing industries such as production, manufacture, distribution and experience through which during the process, creates new added value. Also, the agricultural platform based on blockchain technology can help relieve the existing inequality between regions and countries. Blockchain, which connects the world as one network without the intervention of centralized authorities, enables free transactions between regions and countries and will contribute to overcoming physical limitations

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