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Gunstar Metaverse uses a 2 tokens system, including the governance token $GST and the in-game token $GSC.$GSC has been developed with a purpose like a Game Soft-currency in Gunstar Metaverse. As a utility token, $GSC has many use cases in the ecosystem, including:- $GSC is used to level up the pets, which increases stats such as HP / defense / movement speed and damage of the Pet’s skills- Use in fortune wheel for rolling in-game items- Use for merging pet fragments into a Pet- Buying stamina (with limited time per day )- Paying for house rental- Transportation$GSC can be acquired by:- Purchase $GSC on PancakeSwap and other available DEXes/CEXes in the future.- Participate in PvP/PvE matches in Gunstar Metaverse’s official game version to get $GSC

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