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Fidira is developing a distribution portal for NFT projects. We are the picks and shovels of the NFT gold rush, enabling partners access to a scale of global crypto onboarding of new users never seen before through our global gift card distribution network.Our NFT partners will offer their own exclusive NFTs through Fidira gift cards to promote their project to new global audiences. This will drive excitement and crypto card sales through our global digital and retail network, enabling Fidira to be in over 100,000 retailers globally. Fidira will be able to offer unique exposure to crypto and NFTs.Fidira will offer NFT partners distribution of their exclusive artwork and NFTs through the innovative Fidira staking portal which allows users access to NFT catalogues and drive onboarding into our partners ecosystems.Built on the Polygon Layer 2 Ethereum network, Fidira is developing an ecosystem that provides an easy avenue for users to start their cryptocurrency journey. It will be accessible, simple and secure.Highlights/features:Fidira aims to simplify entry into the crypto ecosystem by using gift cards. Anyone can become a crypto holder by purchasing our gift cards through our global retail distribution network. We offer both physical and virtual gift cards to accommodate users transitioning from the mainstream market. Our gift cards bring NFTs to life as each gift card contains a unique NFT. Fidira also encourages NFT participation. We are the first platform providing mass access to crypto NFTs worldwide to new audiences.

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